What is DaD

DaD is a business incubator of internet and new technologies based projects, it offers the initial management support as well as the capital needed to develop brilliant ideas from their early stages.

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We help entrepreneurs to analyze the environment in which their company is positioned, with its strong and weak points, together with the threats and opportunities raised by the market.

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Dad has one of the largest portfolio investments in start-ups in Spain, providing a high degree of diversification in internet and new technologies based projects.

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DaD Global

At DaD we are committed to the international expansion, having presence in several countries in three out of five continents: China, Russia, USA , UK and we are just starting in Chile.

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DaD Vision

Our vision about investing in internet business projects.

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Global Talent

Having a presence on three continents gives us a unique perspective on what's going on in the world. Suddenly an innovative company with a first-rate entrepreneurial group rises up in Santiago, Chile and you see an opportunity to help them grow,...

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