A 21st Century Consulting Firm


I am going to share with you how I see our consulting in DaD Asia. Oscar and Mónica, in already almost 4 years in Shanghai, have accumulated a knowledge base of the Internet in China that few Westerners have ever achieved. Since our focus in DaD Asia, just like in all other DaD offices, is selecting Internet companies for investment, this knowledge has been confined to our own  investments.
Now, with the creation of the DaD Asia Consulting Firm, directed by Luis S Galan, we want to take advantage of this knowledge to offer consultation in China on all types of companies with a special focus on the Internet sector, which we know so well.
How can we create a consulting firm that is naturally digital and firmly planted in the 21st Century? My advice to Luis is to have a proactive approach on a global level from the very beginning and not wait for the clients. The website should be in Spanish -where we have a significant relative advantage- and in English for the rest of the world. 
We should foster good will on the basis of providing studies on the most attractive markets in China that, in English and Spanish, we can send to all the Internet companies we can around the world. We have to determine what the major difficulties are for a Spanish company -Internet or traditional- when it tries to enter the Chinese market, and we will create a pamphlet -monthly or quarterly- with information that will help us to "give" before "receiving." We should create work groups on LinkedIn and Xing, as well as on Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and, in general, take advantage of the global DaD distribution to expand our pamphlet to the three continents where we have a presence. Furthermore, client interaction should be entirely digital, making use of Google applications and other environments that allow for online project management.
As far as our offering, we should define no more than 3 basic services and leave one for special offers to contrast with the pamphlet readers, reaching no less than 500 potential clients regularly. This is how we will create a great 21st Century Chinese consulting firm. Luis is already on it.