Global Talent


Having a presence on three continents gives us a unique perspective on what's going on in the world. Suddenly an innovative company with a first-rate entrepreneurial group rises up in Santiago, Chile and you see an opportunity to help them grow, first in Latin America and then in the rest of the world. Or the opportunity appears in China and, even though you know that they will be entirely occupied with their own gigantic country for years, yet you research the possibilities for their idea in other environments.
Like Oscar and Monica, our partners and CEOs in DaD Asia, if I were 30 I would be in China and, like them, I would have learned Mandarin; something that our Director General Enrique Barreira, now partner and CEO of DaD-NEOS in Santiago, Chile, did at the age of 40. The richness we get from our presence in these growing countries where everyone is optimistic makes us see the world beyond the problems of the Old World. Europe will make its come-back, but we should all support it and demonstrate to the rest of the world that we have not become run-of-the-mill and that we still have spirit, intelligence, and the ability to direct.
Competition lurks around every corner of the world and your greatest competitor may well be rising up on the Russian steppes. Take your product or service to the greatest number of countries possible. The sooner the better.