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Global e-Accelerator was born in 2013 with the purpose of developing projects with high technological value in the virtual business acceleration area and other advisory services in the digital environment.
To carry it out, the company has developed a business model focused on content marketing (webinars, video tutorials, Social Media, blogging, etc.) and marketing automation (landing pages, emailing automation, alerts messages to sales team, etc.), services which together manage leads acquisition and qualification (potential customers). The differential value lies in offering a comprehensive solution in record time and with the latest technological development valued at 400,000 euros.
Currently, Global e-Accelerator is focusing its activities in the Automotive, Tourism and Training, strategic sectors with which have already signed several agreements with large companies. It also works on projects with other major partners, both inside and outside of Spain, as well as in the field of SMEs, providing technological solutions, proven methodology and widened know-how at the service of the entire business community.
To contact Global eAccelerator team, you can call 917 708 306, write to or visit their website