What is the incubation model 2.0?

As a Business Incubator we concentrate our efforts and resources in supporting entrepreneurs in areas not available or not easily available in the market. This means that you will receive, besides seed capital, we'll give you support in the developing of strategy, sales or fundraising to transform your idea into a real and successful company. Additionally, we will offer you some experience-based guidance from the outset in the importance of following basic guidelines also in analysis, control and marketing to improve your positioning. However, you will not have office space and other general services like accounting or legal advice as you could have in a traditional incubator.

Can I have face-to-face talk with DaD to ilustrate my business ideas?

Yes, of course. That is an important part of our selection process, and we love meeting energetic and passionate people. Nevertheless, in order to handle every project proposal timely we have to stick to the process. For this reason at the initial evaluation stage, we do not conduct personal interviews, but if you are selected for the subsequent phases we would be happy to meet you and your team.

If you decide to invest in my project, how long will the due diligence take before the injection of funds is made?

 The Due Diligence can be as fast as one week, but it would depend mainly on how fast you can prepare all the requested information. We will send you a very simple and clear Due Diligence package with an explanation and a file structure that will guide you during the process.

Can I be contacted with DaD through other channels?

At the beginning stages we will contact you by email. Should you want to include more materials in the evaluation or have any futher question, please feel free to contact us at info@dad.es. Moreover, you can follow us through Facebook or Twitter.

How will you notify me your decition?

No matter we accept or reject your project, we will notify you our decision by email as soon as we finished the evaluation of your project.

How long will it take to evaluate the plojects?

Usually, it takes 40 days for the first stage of evaluation. However, the entire analysis process has another temporary planning, approximately two and a half months.
On the other hand, the time for the analysis depends on the information you have sent and the evaluation of this information.

Do you accept applications in English?

Yes, of course. English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and our team has so much knowledge to get projects in Spanish and English.

What kind of material do you need to evatuate my project?

Our screening process has different stages. For the first one, we will need you to send as a one page summary of the project including some basic information about the product, business model, marketing plan, team… If you do not have one we can provide you a template. If you are selected, for the next stages we would ask you for more comprehensive information, an a complete business plan.

If my project is not in Madrid, will you take it into consideration?

Yes, we accept applications from anywhere in Spain.

How much shares do you expect in exchange?

DaD invests between 50.000 to 250.000 euros per participated company, with the objective to obtain a shareholding around 5-25%, and only in those companies where, even though we have a minor participation, we have an important role and influence in the business management in order to be able to be in toach with their day by day operations.

In what sectors does DaD invest?

We only invest in internet and new technologies sector. It is important to note that we dismiss those projects that are in a market segment with too much players and/or an important lider with an important financial support because competition is fierce.