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What is DaDWhat is DaD

  • How does it work?

Our investment process is structured in the following way:

- DaD evaluates each of the projects presented. This evaluation is based on three key aspects:

  • Size and nature of the market which the project is targeting.
  • Concentration of risk of the investment.
  • Knowledge and references of the entrepreneur who will lead the project.

Taking into account all the above, an initial selection process of projects is carried out.

- The entrepreneurs selected present their project in one-pager, carrying out a pitch in which they clearly show the strengths of their idea.

- DaD evaluates the business plan by analysing:

  • The business model.
  • The roles and skills of the management team.

-The Management Committee holds an in-depth interview with the entrepreneur to study the viability of the project.

-The Investment Committee analyses and selects the projects it considers to have the greatest potential, which are then submitted for approval of the Board of Directors.

After all these steps, the projects remaining are the most complete and viable, with the best management teams in terms of execution and quality. They then sign a contract which sets forth DaD's conditions and prerogatives.

- The average investment is 150 000 euros in return for a 15% share. Our investment ranges between 50 000 and 250 000 euros.

- DaD only invests in those projects where, even though it has minor participation (between 5% and 25% of the company) it has an important role and influence over the management and to be kept informed of what is happening in the participated company.

-After the investment, DaD guides and supports the companies in:

  • Management and work processes
  • Securing the most appropriate financing at each stage.
  • Attracting the first clients.

These companies submit information to DaD regularly about their operational situation.

Equipo DaD

Once the companies are up and running, the Exit Committee comes into action, which performs ongoing monitoring of the investments made. This is the functional area which decides how to carry out the exit process of investments and thereby generate profits for the investors and partners in DaD.

DaD has grown to become an investment instrument for small and large investors in Internet business projects.  Of the 70 current investors, DaD has Internet and Technology business owners covering a wide range of sectors in which the company wants to have a presence or already has it. This allows the company to gain knowledge and experience in the sectors in which it invests, thereby guaranteeing that the projects selected have a very high percentage of probability of success.

Since we started out in 2006, we have followed a successful path endorsed by the experience, knowledge and effectiveness we apply to the selection process used. A professionalism which has led us to invest in many different companies and thereby play a role in their success.

The success of our management approach has been demonstrated by the three large sales agreements made in 2010: XPlane, Tuenti and BuyVip, with the latter two being purchased by two giants, Telefónica and Amazon respectively.

The DaD business model, investing in innovative internet and technology business projects, enables the most competent entrepreneurs to take advantage of initial support to make their initiative a reality. Our ongoing growth and vision for the future have enabled us to break into the international market backing great entrepreneurial potential all over the world

DaD has a team of highly qualified professionals with recognised prestige, who are experts in the world of internet and new technologies, and whose knowledge and experience constitute the company's key differentiating factor.