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Undertaken in Facebook times

Recent studies related to the use of social networks shows that one of every six minutes you're using Internet social networks are used.


Therefore, many companies in this sector have a very promisingmarket segment to develop their businesses. Examples includethe emergence of new social networks, without eclipsingFacebook, have been very well received.


SigoJoven is one of them and is one of our subsidiaries.

 SigoJoven is a social network where the minimum age recommended is 40 years and where users can share knowledge, entertainment and culture.

According to Jesus Miguel, CEO of SigoJoven, the use that is given to this network often focuses on contact former schoolmates, college or work.

Currently, prensencia SigoJoven has largely Spanish-speakingcountries such as Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and Spain. His goal for next year is to reach 3 million users.

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